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Electric Solar Aircraft at the AERO 2012

Thank you for visiting us at the Aero 2012!



Elektra One with real solar cells on the wing surface

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Aero 2012: Elektra One & Elektra One Solar

as model: Elektra Observer LT (unmanned Electric Aircraft)

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Aero 2012: Elektra One & Elektra One Solar

model: Elektra Two (2-seater Electric Aircraft)

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model: Elektra Two (2-seater Electric Aircraft)

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PC-Aero, supported by Neowings, presents at the AERO 2012 the new Electric Solar Aircraft. 

Elektra One as high profile technology platform for the 2-seater and aircraft for record flights:


Elektra One Solar

  • flying with solar cells on the wing surface


as model (scale 1:5):

Elektra Two Standard

  • our 2-seater Electric Aircraft with solar cells for travel, training and flying clubs

Elektra Two Record

  • our leightweight aircraft for record flights

Elektra Observer LT

  • unmanned Very Light Electric Aircraft with solar cells for civil surveillance


PC-Aero, unterstützt von Neowings, präsentiert auf der AERO 2012 seine neuen Elektro- und Solarflugzeuge.

Elektra One als hochkarätige Technologieplattform für Zweisitzer und Rekordflugzeug: 


Elektra One Solar

  • Fliegen mit Solarzellen auf den Flügeln


Als Modell (Maßstab 1:5) :

Elektra Two Standard

  • unser 2-sitziges Elektroflugzeug mit Solarzellen, für Reisen, Schulungen und Vereine

Elektra Two Record

  • unser Leichtgewicht für Rekordflüge 

Elektra Observer LT

  • unbemanntes Elektroflugzeug mit Solarzellen für zivile Überwachungsflüge








Demoflight EAA AirVenture 2011 in Oshkosh

PC Aero

Elektra One performed during EAA AirVenture 2011 in Oshkosh a demoflight during the showcase on saturday, July 30. Elektra One designed by Calin Gologan, PC-Aero from germany, is a 1-seat Electric Aircraft designed to fly with batteries up to 4 hours, for a range of 500 km. In combination with a Solar Hangar (SunAirport) - sponsored by SolarWorld, one of the biggest solar panel company of the world - flies with zero CO2-emission. Our goal is to combine our responsibility, that means use less energy, low noise and zero emission with our interest: low operations costs. Elektra One flies with about with only 6 Kilo Watt per hour.


for high-res-photos mail: birgit.weissenbach@pc-aero.de




EAA AirVenture 2011 in Oshkosh: See the video from the demoflight of our ELEKTRA ONE

We are very proud that our Elektra One could fly at the AirVenture 2011.




We are proud to announce, that during EAA AirVenture 2011 we won the LINDBERGH ELECTRIC AIRCRAFT-PRIZE This is a recognition that we are on the best way in a future aviation. 




Lindbergh Prize for Electric Aircraft Vision Award Given to PC-Aero-Calin Gologan

the developer of the Electric Aircraft ELEKTRA ONE


The seventh Lindbergh Prize for Electric Aircraft focuses on the vision for integrated electric power


Oshkosh, WI (July 29, 2011)


PC-Aero is the winner of the Lindbergh Prize for Electric Aircraft Vision Award for their integration of Solar World’s solar technology into their ELEKTRA ONE aircraft and the supporting hangar. Their vision is for the energy from the rooftop solar cells to not only provide power to the aircraft but also the hanger itself and excess energy to feed back to the power grid.


Today at the World Electric Aircraft Symposium at EAA’s AirVenture, Erik Lindbergh, founder of LEAP, announced the 2011 AirVenture winner of the Lindbergh Prize for Electric Aircraft


LEAP’s programs recognize, inspire and incentivize the innovation that drives our culture, economy and future. The LEAP Electric Flight Program is accelerating the development of the electric aircraft industry through a range of activities, from prizes to advocacy.


This year LEAP chose to focus on a different aspect of electric aircraft propulsion than past Lindbergh Prizes by awarding a Vision Award. The Award focuses on innovation with a “vision” for integrated electric power for an aircraft and its supporting infrastructure. Having a complete plan for energy management is the key to widespread adoption of electric propulsion. 





Lindbergh Prize for Electric Aircraft Vision Award given to PC-Aero-Calin Gologan, the developer of the Electric Aircraft ELEKTRA ONE: from left:  Calin Gologan (CEO PC-Aero) and Erik Lindbergh (founder of LEAP)                                                                                                                                            



Calin Gologan (CEO PC-Aero) at the EAA Electric Aircraft World Symposium 2011 in Oshkosh. 

Copyright all photos: Amy Keiter, SolarWorld





Aircraft Attraction ELEKTRA ONE at the AirVenture 2011 in Oshkosh       




Top 11 of 2011: Flying under the Radar at the EAA AirVenture  

Plenty of rare, historic, and just plain 'cool' aircraft to be found






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french magazine "Info-Pilote" (05/2011) german magazin "Flügel-das Magazin" (05/2011)




Intersolar 2011 in munich:



Videos (german): 

NZZ (Air-to-Air-Flight)

Vox (Air-to-Air-Flight)





Videos (english): 

Lukafoto.com (english)

AOPA (english)

Journal (english)



Aero 2011: Fürst Albert II. von Monocao sitzt im Cockpit der Elektra One

Aero 2011: Prince Albert II. of Monaco is sitting in the cockpit of the Elektra One







                                                                                                Copyright: Aero/Felix Kästle


Bild oben: Bei einem Besuch auf Europas Leitmesse der Allgemeinen Luftfahrt in Friedrichshafen, der Aero, sitzt Fürst Albert II. von Monaco im Cockpit der Elektra One der PC-Aero GmbH. Das einsitzige Elektroflugzeug hat Ende März ihren Erstflug erfolgreich absolviert.


Bild unten: Calin Gologan (CEO PC-Aero GmbH, zweiter von rechts) und Norbert Lorenzen (Testpilot der Elektra One, rechts) im Gespräch mit Fürst Albert II. von Monaco und Klaus Wellmann (Geschäftsführer der Messe Friedrichshafen, zweiter von links).


Top photo: Prince Albert II. of Monaco at the Aero Show in Friedrichshafen. He is sitting in the cockpit of the Electric Aircraft Elektra One from PC-Aero GmbH. The one-seater performed it's successful First Flight end of march.


Photo below: Calin Gologan (CEO PC-Aero GmbH, second from right) and Norbert Lorenzen (Testpilot of the Elektra One, right) discuss with Prince Albert II. of Monaco and Klaus Wellmann (CEO Messe Friedrichshafen, second from left).                       






Visit us at the Aero 2011 an see our Electric Aircraft ELEKTRA ONE + Solar Hangar

Complete Energy Concept for Zero CO2-emission flight

Gesamtkonzept für CO2-freies Fliegen:


PC-Aero GmbH, Halle A7/Stand 223



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Watch our Video

Video 1 (BR/german)

Video 2 (3SAT/german)

Video 3 (TV Allgäu/german)

                                                                                                 more pictures / mehr Bilder: Press Centre


Official FIRST FLIGHT successful: 


ELEKTRA ONE from PC-Aero performed successfully it's First Flight for about 30 minutes. Using only 3 kWh of energy.

The internal First Flight was performed by the well known test pilot Jon Karkow. He did the first check for the flight performance and characteristics of the electric aircraft and briefed the german testpilot Norbert Lorenzen for the next official First Flight.


Offizieller ERSTFLUG erfolgreich:


ELEKTRA ONE von PC-Aero hat ihren Erstflug erfolgreich absolviert. Das Elektroflugzeug flog 30 Minuten mit nur 3 kWh Energie.

Unser interner Erstflug wurde von dem international bekannten Testpiloten Jon Karkow durchgeführt. Er hat die Flugeigenschaften des Elektroflugzeugs getestet und danach die Einweisung des deutschen Testpiloten Norbert Lorenzen für den offiziellen Erstflug durchgeführt.


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Copyright: Jean-Marie Urlacher / Info-Pilote